I make games for a living. I play them a lot as well.


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Experience the thrilling ups and downs of running your own coffee shop. Developed in association with Armor Games Inc.



Fit all the pieces back together in this addictive puzzle game. Hosted by Armor Games Inc.



Retro, vector-based, time-travel shoot-em-up grooviness. This is the game they would have made in 1981 if they could've made it in 1981.


Pipkin's Planetary Pinball

Help Pipkin get back to his spaceship! Position his launcher and place Attractors and Repulsors, then press “GO” to send Pipkin on a voyage among the stars. Bringing him back to his spaceship unlocks the next level. Don't let Pipkin drift off into space or run out of time or he'll lose a life! For extra points, send Pipkin to pick up Interstellar Gem Fragments on his way back to the spaceship.

...More of my flash games.

mind games

These are simple games you play with your mind (though they don't require a lot of smarts) and with other people (or by yourself).


Here you'll find Unreal Engine mutators I've made public.


My published lecture notes and articles on games and gaming.


Game levels I've made publicly available.

interstate 76

I have had a long and inexplicable passion for Activision's Interstate '76.