Fit all the pieces back together in this addictive puzzle game.



Retro, vector-based, time-travel shoot-em-up grooviness. This is the game they would have made in 1981 if they could've made it in 1981.



whatisbeautiful? is not a game so much as an experiment. Visitors rate faces according to how beautiful or ugly they are. The whatisbeautiful? server collects the ratings and "breeds" new generations of faces using genetic algorithms. Over time, the population gets more and more beautiful. What does the world think the ideal face looks like? whatisbeautiful? will find out.

Pipkin's Planetary Pinball


Help Pipkin get back to his spaceship! Position his launcher and place Attractors and Repulsors, then press “GO” to send Pipkin on a voyage among the stars. Bringing him back to his spaceship unlocks the next level. Don't let Pipkin drift off into space or run out of time or he'll lose a life! For extra points, send Pipkin to pick up Interstellar Gem Fragments on his way back to the spaceship.



I decided I needed a straightforward, easy project for my first Flash game. It needed to be a simple game design with few design challenges so I could focus on the technical aspects of learning Flash. Rong is the result.

In case you miss it in the game's intro animation, RONG = Round pONG. It's Pong played "in the round."



I'm not sure what's attracting me to Pong remakes at the moment. Not that there's anything wrong with Pong... Nor is there anything wrong with Pachinko. Therefore they must be brought together! And so they have been. And the result is pa-Chong!.

It took me only a matter of hours to bring this together, far less time than my last two Flash creations. I'm finally getting the hang of it.

gene warfare


Who doesn't like artificial life? I've been intrigued by the subject ever since I first encountered John Conway's Game of Life. But it's rare I come across an artificial life program that doesn't seem overly abstract. So I created Gene Warfare with the intent of making a simple model of genetic evolution (this really is easier than it sounds) that had a bit more excitement and viscerality than what I had seen. The result is awfully fun to play with.